Are you in the right place?

"Philosophy of the Camel (unknown author)

Mother and baby camel were lazing around, when suddenly the baby camel asks his mother:
- Why do the camels have humps?
- Well, my son, we are animals of the desert, we need humps to save water, so that's why we are known for surviving without water.
- Right, and why are our legs so long and our feet rounded?
- Son, certainly they are like this to enable us to walk in the desert. With these long legs I keep my body away from the heat of the ground. Regarding the feet being rounded, I can move better in the sand!
- Right! So, why are our eye lashes so long? Sometimes it troubles my sight.
- My son! These long and thick eye lashes serve as a protection against the sand and wind of the desert - responded the proud mother.
- Ok, so the humps are for saving water while we cross the desert, and the legs help us walk through it, while the eye lashes protect my eyes. So, what are we doing here at the zoo?"

Moral of the story is: "Skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences are only useful if you are in the right place"