Software testing

This is more of a note to self than anything else, related to an area that catches my attention: software testing/quality

getAttribute: Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Well, since IE 7 (7.0.5730.11) doesn't have a DOM array "attributes", if you want a cross-compatible solution to access the value of, let's say, the "onclick" attribute, you'd have to use:


Using "theobject.getAttribute('onclick')" does not work equally on Firefox and IE, that is, you couldn't expect setAttribute to work with its return value.

How to Git - Common commands

So, you've been commiting stuff and doing simple things. Now it's time to get to know simple commands that might help you quite a lot.

Show your local branches: git branch
Show local and remote branches: git branch -a
Listing files changed in each commit: git log --name-only
Note that by using the above command you'd be able to find in which commits you changed a given file, then you could see the changes of that commit by using: git show commit_id_hash

How to Git - Commiting changes

After you have added files to your repository and/or changed old files, you get to a point where you want to make sure the actual state is saved, so that you can go back to that state in the future if you need - that is called commit. That's one of the reasons for using Git.
In order to do that, you run: git status
Which shows the modified files and/or new ones.

You choose which files you want to commit by running: git add filename.ext
You might as well add whole directories: git add directory/

How to Git - Creating a brand new repository

I started using Git in the beginning of 2008, when I started working for Versabanq (London, ON, Canada). I had almost no idea how to use it, just the really basic stuff from Subversion (and I used to use a GUI for svn - subclipse).
So, for those like me, here goes the basic part on how to start with it.

First we must set our global preferences.

git config --global "Your Full Name"
git config --global ""

If you plan to use Git on Windows, you should probably set these too:

Detailed System Requirements

'Long', detailed/specific, System Requirements like this is what usually calls for a Virtual Machine, specially for such a small load. Fog Creek could very easily have a virtual machine ready for their clients in case they don't want to go through the trouble of figuring all that, and worse: find that they cannot activate (or don't want) one of those.

Brazil for Canadians

I was gonna update this page with stuff Canadians should know about Brazil. But I think it's just better if you contact me in case you need :)

Don't worry, be happy!

In Brazilian universities' graduation, when they call your name to go pick up your diploma, students are usually allowed to choose a song to be played while you walk your way. I got to know the song "Don't worry, be happy" when my girlfriend asked me to find the file so that she could use in her graduation (she ended-up using the one from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" - "Suddenly I See" though).

Are you in the right place?

"Philosophy of the Camel (unknown author)

Mother and baby camel were lazing around, when suddenly the baby camel asks his mother:
- Why do the camels have humps?
- Well, my son, we are animals of the desert, we need humps to save water, so that's why we are known for surviving without water.
- Right, and why are our legs so long and our feet rounded?
- Son, certainly they are like this to enable us to walk in the desert. With these long legs I keep my body away from the heat of the ground. Regarding the feet being rounded, I can move better in the sand!

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